A Few Old Sonnets

I think I am, I think I’m not, I’m right
Yet fear is thick with smoke whose embers prick
The outward reaching thoughts. Perhaps at night
through dreams, hope waits, a place smoke cannot stick

breathing one one-hundredth of our breath
Seeing one one-thousandth of what’s to see
wilting petals, surviving until death
I sing the flower’s woe unto the seed

Do not, loves, mistake wisdom for my ways
Romantic eyes, nor hearts with fires bright
Can kindle the darkness of these days
Can coax soles shivering and damp, ignite!

Don’t bother swine with pearls, petites, create!
And Shake these burden omens from your slate

Perched on wooden statues as if God’s hands
Raise the paler beast to solar power
Bronze their tongues that spin like ceiling fans!
Detach vines, coax buds to flower!

Rattling lids, your guilt is boiling brew
Stain the sheets which have written plain your name
Addiction swells beg conscience please undo
What devil seed had me seek hollow fame?

Beneath the blackened forest canopy
I intended to bloom from light within
But silent darkness soon breeds anarchy
The sun, with no replacement yawns to dim

Oh forest home of mine here is my heart
My faith is lonely when we are apart

Out soft and bright the midnight afternoon
The sky may crumble if you stay awake
Circus rings will fly your way right soon
And soar above the bitter of heartache

For I have quivered in the heart that stings
And rung my hair to empty of the pain
And sink what Lady of the Lake did bring
So I could mourn and roar within my reign

Now sweet the fragrant blossoms I intake
Hovered here above the sand storm wave
Dreams go round what doesn’t burn will bake
Don’t summon force on what will not behave

For love wears garment false around her face
And trips each last one of the human race
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