these last few months.....

So.. Just an update for cyber world from physical world.... I had joined the Depaul Community Chorus a while back and we had our final concert last weekend in the Depaul Chapel. Beautiful religious music concert from Jewish and Christian traditions. Bach, Jankowsky, Luther.. Wonderful experience to be in unision with so many voices.

I took up drum lessons and have been pretty hyped about the possibility of actually becoming a drummer..a long time fantasy of mine... A really great visceral experience to counter the music theory studies i am engaged in.

I have a voice recital this Saturday in the Fine Art Building in Downtown Chicago. I chose to sing "Voi Che Sapete". Mozart has always been one of my favorite composers..I must confess i fell in love with him all over again after experiencing the simple and genuine genius of his arias. I love being able to sing in other languages! This classical training might be giving me the opera bug! It might be giving me the bug real bad! EXCITING!

I took my first ballet class in YEARS this Wednesday. I am so happy to be returning to one of my first loves...and turn out is not what it use to be...

Well..thats whats up with me. I am working on a new portfolio...but the process is very slow...well, thourough....I cant wait to show you all whats buzzing around in my musical bones..


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