Recent inspiration

Alexander McQueen and Joseph Arthur!!!

Wow! About two months ago I revisited a mix a friend of mine gave me and found, "Honey In The Moon" By Joseph Arthur!!! captivating stuff!!!!! Just as good the 50th listen as the first. He and his band, the Lonely Astronauts, are touring right now!!! Go buy tickets!! He is living the dream! Andy Warhol style... in his painting studio/gallery with all his art buddies....Recording in his basement, touring with his friends, painting all night...making his own music videos... Damn. This guy knows where its at.

Alexander McQueen's creations have had my jaw on the floor these last few days. Everything I see of his is fresh, invigorating, romantic, daring, alluring.....This is fashion....Dressing bodies with art..

I hope to push through my studies with this kind of creative explosiveness. I have definitely felt the power before. I am in a weird phase now...There are lesson here to be learned.

ima post some photos soon.

I am reading , The Mists Of Avalon, right now as well... This is one of those books that will change my life, forever!! monumental mental shifts are occuring...again!!........... I am paying attention to the process, this time:)

Oh! I bought a ukulele! Portable happiness!!


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