music school....blast off

In 9 days I finish my stint as a waitress at Tavern at the Park and begin school at the Chicago College of Music. I have been out of school for near 6 years and find the thought of being immersed in a learning institution focused solely on music to be awesomely all consuming. The point at which my dreams begin to materialize into a highlighted course on a detailed map has always seemed to be one of the most exciting sates of the human experience. A state I crave almost obsessively. So naturally, I am ready for the thrill of music school. I have come to love so many different aspects of music and feel elated that I will be in a place this next month where the majority of my time will be spent discovering, honing and perfecting my own musical abilities. As I tie up the last few strands of my old lifestyle, I realize what an incredible feat my songwriting/solo artist/city rat pilgrimage really was. The constant moving, job changing, gigging turned solitary musical revelations and philosophy studies have allowed me to prove my strength, intelligence and ability to take action, to myself. I have made a respected friend with myself and I am confidently ready for the next step.
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