Wenn Fliegen hinter Fliegen fliegen, fliegen Fliegen Fliegen nach.

The better my German gets, the worse my english gets. I...ehhh...speak? wit....ooooueee...ehhh... speak englich? Mit eine....nicht so gut. My brain has made it clear to me there is only room to think in one language. So my thoughts have become more and and more basic/elementary... across the board. My thought process has slowed to what might be deep meditation level if I weren't so vain and destructive. Comedy or existentialism/abstract thoughts take wayyyyy too much effort...Which is a big part of the reason I cannot blog as often. I feel like English no longer flows from me...Something like a linguistic "no child left behind" act or something....If you can only speak German at a beginner level, then your English must wait for your German to catch up.

Anyhow, I went to the Berlin Phil last night to see one of my favorite mezzo sopranos, Joyce Didinato, in concert. 8 euros for a front seat ticket to see lady Joyce in concert at the Phil....Don't mind if I do.

She sat in the foyer after the concert signing CDs etc and I waited until the line was finished to tell her thank you for her work and that my friend and I follow her video blog and it inspires us when we feel like giving up. She was very excited that I was in Berlin and gave me congratulations on my journey. So there it is! the Joyce approves!

I've been looking for a part time job, but its difficult because I am traveling here and there, I'm at school every morning through early afternoon and I don't speak enough German to not get eye rolls all the time from native speakers who think that because my accent is so good (!!!!!! :D) that I'm just mentally retarded....

Understanding context has been difficult for me recently. Similar to the confusing street names in Berlin (I got a little lost on my way to Opera one night because there were literally two streets with the exact same name going in adverse directions....exactly. the. same. name. letter for letter...close to each other....but one going north to south and one going east to west....you tell me...) there are as many "get as much bang for your buck" out of daily words. one word means five different things depending on context. As an example...Here is a totally grammatically correct German sentence:

Wenn Fliegen hinter Fliegen fliegen, fliegen Fliegen Fliegen nach.


something about what happens when a couple of flies are flying behind a fly...

Despite all my general disorientation...I'm so excited to be putting my German together! Stella, Birgit's daughter, just called from Paris and nearly our entire phone conversation was auf Deutsch!

Which reminds me my love is not only visiting me in Berlin, he is taking me to Paris! And by taking me I mean taking care of absolutely everything! Plane, room, alles! SSSSOOOO ROMANTISCH! SO EINE MÄRCHEN!!!! Aber real :D :D :D

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