HUSK studio album in process #2


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As my obsession with the life cycle and mythology/symbolism of moths continues, I find myself particularly drawn to the brown lunar moth. I got to see one of these beauties in person on my recent trip to the Philippines up in the mountains in Baguio and it was truly majestic. I was climbing out of a van really late at night,  stumbling up the stairs to the hotel and 

resting under the stair light, taking up nearly an entire step,

 was a huge, brown luna moth. 

A breath taking meeting.

Moths, the symbol of transformation. A nocturnal, ultra sensitive clairvoyant who can find light in darkness and navigate by night using their inner knowing. The greatest symbol of metamorphosis in the natural world.

not making this up: (awesome sources!)

3 months of steady purge has me relating very intrinsically to this transformative creature.

A series of traumatic events have led me to weave a solid cocoon, die to everything I know, liquify, reform and... well I haven't gotten past that yet.. so TBA!

Rebuilding a self, a mythology/belief system after something comes along that levels everything you knew, makes way for reflection and contemplation on habits and rituals you never knew you had.

Picking up the pieces to build a new structure, allows for all these pregnant hesitations and flashbacks as you, more carefully, place each piece of a new life..... It is so very complentative

slightly nonsequitor insteresting fact...moth gestation period is wayyyy longer than their life span....

is HUSK the human cocoon?

WHY HUSK? Husk to me feels like hardened layers built up around a sensitive subject. Husk is the human cocoon. Maybe not visible by most eyes, but perhaps certain people will recognize...

enjoy husk as relating to voice as well, since I am a singer and my voice and soul and emotions are all tightly woven/linked/bonded, I like this link to the

cry/shout/wail of metamorphosis

Dictionary says:




  The adjective 


 has 2 senses:


 muscular and heavily built


 deep and harsh sounding as if from shouting or illness or emotion

WATCH THEM METAMORPHOSIZE in my handpicked youtube vid selection! IT IS THE COOLEST THING EVER!!!

silkworm coocoon:

only need first minute or so:


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