HUSK studio album in progress #4

                                                   photo by Matthew Gregory Hollis

My brother Robby has been coming over and helping me record these scratch tracks in my living room. He is the most patient and supportive big brother a girl could ask for.

First half of the scratch tracks for the new album. Not super happy with these, honestly. It is the first time I am playing them with a click track and having an earbud in one ear with the metronome blocked off a lot of my sensory resonance so I couldn't quite feel my voice/was prolly pushing.

Maybe I will rerecord some of these without a click......

Having said that - man Im just feeling like I want these songs wrapped already. Im feeling like I'm starting a new cycle in life and want to write a new album already! haha. seriously. its an illness. amazing tho.

I played a fun live gig with the full trio recently with full arrangements of all the songs on the album - I will upload a version of that soon-waiting to fix my computer so I can separate those trax.

I did a photoshoot with Matthew Gregory Hollis recently along the lake path that I walk EVERYDAY and walked everyday while I was writing these songs. That space is a sacred space for me and has been a consistent source of comfort and inspiration through this metamorphosis. I'm pretty sure the escape to the lake is what kept me sane this summer.

There is never anyone at this part of the lake and we were pretty discreet but someone still called the cops on me at this shoot.....cause I took my shirt off....are you fucking kidding me? W/e...Worth it. These shots rock. Matthew Hollis is a genie!

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