Beginning of the Year Post

In 2011 I started music composition lessons at Roosevelt University. I was a vocal performance major studying Classical Voice/Opera but pushed for a double major in composition so I could explore making my own vocal/chamber music and learn to write for new kinds ensembles (strings! winds! etc). I was raised on Bjork, Joni Mitchell and Mozart. I was particularly drawn to electronics and choirs and solo vocal works so I geared my research toward the more experimental vocal works of the last 50 years; Meredith Monk, Joan La Barbara and Ligeti to name a few…. I wanted to write big works. Operas! Musicals!

After UG I ran an experimental Lyric Theater Company where I wrote my first Opera. Through that experience, I realized I wanted more music tech knowledge. I wanted to work in electro-acoustics and saw media as the fast approaching future of exciting new textures and possibilities.

Fast forward to June 2018, I completed a degree in Music Composition for the Screen at Columbia College Chicago where I got to dig my hands into (and get my butt kicked by) music technology. I wrote for Films and Video Games and Animations and Ballet Theaters and had a lot of existential crises in front of midi controllers.

Anyway its 2018 now and I’m headed into my first composition lesson with Joan La Barbara herself. I’m set up to write a piece for Jack Quartet in the spring and some vocal works for ensembles and upcoming competitions. BMI composers workshop is fast approaching as well.

All this is to say, I am feeling very grateful for the mentors and friends who have graciously shared their knowledge and support with me and hoping that the headaches I gave you all along the way are soothed by the aforementioned proof that I don’t plan on giving up, ever, and that the gifts you have given me continue to be utilized and applied to art making adventures around da world.

I'm a kaleidoscope of yous.

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