Poems. Four.

I’m thinking about love

Being in it
Imperfectly approaching the perfect
every day - approaching the alter
every day being sent back again and again to myself

The one place I don’t know how to be

a quiver ripples into an eruption - big emotionality stuns my spine
And now ~ the impending paralysis from too many consecutive waves

I claw for a new POV
A higher point of reference to contextualize
My reactivity, my habituality, my neurosis

In a panic, full of wonder - I escape to the embedded patterns 
I need a deep cleansing - to be rid of the traumatic memories there, 
These psyche eating viruses have stripped the leaves in me

I think its happening now

my higher consciousness reaches for my hand 
“Lets rekindle our love” 
thats the exact whisper 

I want you to know
I am pure devotion
My appreciation - immense and unseen 
For you reminding me of my natural state
For your refusal to let me lose myself in this

The stress of new city and new job -it was too much for us
It was too much pressure on our dreams for eachother and our future 
We wanted wide open spaces and free days with money to spend

When you say 
“I’m still here and I’m not going anywhere”
It touches a deep well inside of me
That well water - it trembles and escapes
Tears are the process of releasing resistance 
You are releasing me to believe in togetherness
Cyphering these fears to the surface to purge them

I’m thinking about love 

Hope LittwinComment