Music for video game composed by Hope Littwin.

"Painted Melody is a casual platforming game. This meaning that even though there are platforming challenges, you never die or lose any lives, you simply end up at a different area of the painting. You play as paint stroke person who is part of a painting that’s missing its frame. Your goal is to find the missing frame pieces to repair the painting you reside in.

As you explore, looking for the frame pieces, you add foliage to the landscape as well as experience different melodies depending on where you are in the level. You may also collect sun and moon tokens that will change the painting from day to night, as well as, change the tone and type of melodies you hear.

Overall, we wanted our game to be a relaxing experience that can be played at whatever pace suits the player. As for the art side of the game, all the art assets you see within it were hand painted by me. I used watercolor paints to create this aesthetic. After the paintings were finished, I scanned them and took them into Photoshop and touched up any issues. Later, the hues were changed to give variations to the different assets. I felt that by doing this, instead of using a digital format, it gave the various assets more personality and warmth." - Heidi Nordmann, Game Artist