Princeton Application


Work Samples

I have offered suggested starting points for the purpose of the first quick listen




When It Was Over

This is a track from my album Wild Beast. The band I wanted to work with came from a fusion/rock background and didn’t read music, so I sang and played them their parts, then lead a guided improvisation based on the song structure and made a final arrangement out of the results of those methods combined. I then subtly manipulated the vocals with various harmonizers and post production magic potions to create this electro-acoustic, jazz/rock fusion piece.

 *start at 3:17



Black Carriage/White Heart

This is an Alma Dance Theater film that I composed the music for, scored for harp, viola, oboe, voice and electronics. I have been working with Marissa Alma Nick, the choreographer of Alma Dance Theater for six years now and together we have created four evening length ballets and one short film.

*start at 5:30



Where The Wound Is

This is a section from a Chamber Opera that I am cuurently working on, based on “The Consolation of Philosophy” by Boethius. Scored for two voices and string quartet, this is a work that I would like to develop during my time at Princeton. Because this piece is still being workshopped, I recorded both of the vocals myself for the purpose of this application but they are meant for Baritone and Alto.


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