I am strangely nervous about this audition next week. the benefit of nervous energy is lucid dreaming. Three days ago I dreamed the girlfriend of my coworker, who looked like Clair from "Heros" (the one who can heal) gave me sage advice on how to get rid of this bunny infestation I had in my apartment. When I returned home from consulting her over a bonfire all these little bunnies had willingly climbed into this pink recycling bag by my back door..waiting to be taken out..The mother bunny however, defended the bag and when I reached down to pick her up she bit through my leather gloves and swung like a pendulum in slow motion..hanging from my glove...barely missing my finger..and I just sort of watched her swing for a while. When she let go I told her that all the bunnys couldnt stay here; that there was not enough room. The mother rabbit spoke to me saying "why do you kick us out yet keep your plants here? This is a double starndard!" I heard the rabbit out and lined all my plants up outside my back door along with her little bunnies and she left.
Then the sage my coworker, Edgar and I started down the path of initiation though a dark forest to this waterfront that seemed to be some kind of well kept secret and meeting place of people like us. We didnt know how to get there..We just kept walking..Then my old subletter reached out from this steep dirt drop from the trail telling me the only way down was to fall down the side of the trail and stumble into the hidden lake. He wanted to carry me and I obliged. At the bottom of the drop was a misty dark fjord. My subletter began talking to me about the school politics at his university..when I didnt respond he became upset and I tolf him if he wanted me to understand what he was talking about he would have to explain the process to me as I have no experience in that sort of thing..Somehow I got away and wandered around through the steamy dark waters and woods. The end.
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