the role of the artist

While in Miami I was able to reconnect with some old classmates from my old art school. I was fascinated most by those who had branched off into other professions outside of art... They seemed to have so much more to pull from, larger arenas for their imaginations.. The opposite of what we warned against as fledgling artists... though an artist is always an artist... never really becoming or unbecoming in truth. Today at the coffee shop I frequent, my favorite barista who is also an actress told me of her plans to go to nursing school. I felt such excitement and pride for her! Shaking up the monotony of day to day living and reaching fearlessly for new ground... So what is the profession of an artist? How is it possible that you should want to be only an artist? Reminds me of when children tell me they want to be teachers... Teach what? What do you have to teach? Experience, live, teach; if you don't have all of these elements how effective can you really be? Do we really need more ineffective people? Harsh, I know... The world needs artists, of this i am sure; but do we really need sheltered, one-dimensional, lonely, semi-bored creators? and what is it that they are really creating in this state?
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