3 Months in Germany

Lunch with my hostess in her backyard.

This is my attempt at a blog chronicling my 3 month excursion through Germany.  I will spend most of my time in Berlin, attending language school to learn German and getting acquainted with the music scene there so I may one day possibly live and work here. I flew into Munich yesterday to spend some time with family friends before taking a train into Berlin. The couple I am staying with live in a small village named Windach; Mainly a collection old fashioned barn houses surrounded by meadows overflowing with wildflowers. Three things strike me on my first contact with Bavarians. 1. They are salt of the earth types, friendly, yes.. but not interested in bullshit. yours or anyone else's. I enjoy this very much... Though I don't quite understand the hesitations regarding physical contact. There is no hugging or handshaking so I often restrain myself upon meeting new people as to not frighten them... 2. They are passionate about world politics. I was warned that Germans would know more about politics in the USA than myself, which is, of course, true. What I did not expect however, is getting an overview of world politics by my hostess whilst meandering the streets of Landsberg today. I now have a background on the political history of not only Europe but Thailand, Burma and most of South Africa. Hooha! 3. They love food. The organic movement is huge here. Everyone is concerned with where the food on their plate comes from. The family I am staying with are owners in the village's food co-op and have been bringing me up to date of Germany's green movement. The lengths they go here in the name of conservation is inspiring. I am shocked to see how much I waste in my daily activities in the US compared to people here. Returning to my point....Daily meals here are so much more than sustenance. Quality of food is of the upmost importance and it is making me notice food with an expanded vision of greater depth than ever before. Daily activities have more profound layers when you are taking part in them inside a city with so much history. Being constantly reminded by your surroundings that nothing you are doing is anywhere close to new has a strange effect; a feeling of both profound insignificance and lust for life appear in extremes at the same place and moment in your gut.  Side note: Landsberg was celebrating their 850th anniversary today with a musical performance of a heavy-metal/punk rock take on medieval church music. yes. yes and yes please.

construction in Landsberg. i enjoy the juxtaposition.

Landsberg. I wanted a closer shot of my first encounter with the German police, but they are just as intimidating as you'd imagine....soooo yea

small man-made waterfall at Landsberg

Cherry crumble cake covered with cream.

Hannelore, my hostess in Windach

Hannelore and Rudi's ducks. Indian running ducks double as pets and pesticides... They take care of the slug problems in the garden.

The garden where we eat most of our meals.