this photograph should be a mandatory above all doorways
I woke up early to go to museumsinsel today, the area of Berlin where a significant amount of museums are located. My body is really tired today from the sharp influx of activity, but my will has kept me going :) I chose the Pergamon Museum, specializing in Helenistic art of the near east. I tried not to take pictures of things that were heavily photographed and easily accessible on the internet ( but I did indulge in photographing most of the ancient pornographic art of Mesopotamia.

courtesan, I'm sure.

mesopotanian madame

my favorite collection

there is soooo much to see here it makes my head spin. For the first time I am thinking that three months is not nearly enough time to discover this city...Even at the pace I am going.

I came home around 5pm to take a nap as I had been riding my bike in midday heat for a couple of hours around Museumsinsel.... like a city rat... in and out of alleyways and under old train tracks etc.

Post nap I went to pick up a guitar I found on craiglist. I bought a sweet guitar for what it would have cost me to take mine on the plane. I also used the U-Ban (one of the subway lines here) for the first time and found a relatively obscure house address on my own in the dark. Nice. The guy who sold me the guitar was a Californian going to Beer Academy here in Berlin. He didn't speak much German. I think most American students who come here dont learn much German as they are really busy with English language courses. Im glad I didnt take that road.

sorry if my grammar is shitty. Im exhausted.