The Protestants are not impressed

I think I had a breakthrough with my language skills today. All breakthroughs like this seem rather invisible....Puzzle pieces don't seem to fit stare at them for long periods of time...and all the sudden you have a chunk of a puzzle.....seemingly out of nowhere.

Having German classes every morning helps keep my head in the right place for language problem solving, I think...

I spent the afternoon with an allergy attack and menstrual cramps, then off to choir rehearsal! This choir is awesome. The choir is an ancient music choir that rehearses in a church in Charlottenburg. Although the church was renovated after WW2 (Berlin was basically leveled) the basic structure dates from 1700... The history in this area is so interesting..The relics that were magically spared from incessant bombing have a special glow about them.

We sang Bach's Bm Mass, a Monteverdi Motet and a Stück piece. I kept looking around at the collection of German protestants and thinking that most of them could easily be family members. Its funny looking around a room and realizing that you are not unique are German looking....

Anyway, after the rehearsal the choir director and I talked about ancient music for a while... then he invited me out for a beer (I drank a "Praguer") with some of the other singers. I spoke mostly to his wife about where music is happening in Berlin and she gave me so things to look up. Most of Europe shuts down in the summer so most ensembles are on break right now. I am going to go with "everything happens for a reason" for my response to this sticky situation.

They were very humble people and were very responsive to all of my questions. These are a no nonsense, hardworking people...There is no flattery or ostentatious greetings or social behavior.

I told them I could put them in touch with The Baroque Band in Chicago as I had worked from them the previous year. They were very excited at this prospect. It seems no matter where you are, people think the action is happening elsewhere.

I haven't had my camera in a few days because Ive been meeting a lot of new people....and picture taking doesn't really fit the social situation.