Tech week is around the corner

Tech week begins on Monday for Faces of Eurydice! I woke up at 3am today with racing thoughts of how to fix all of the gaps, flat lining solos and narrative blocks. I didnt have enough energy to act on any of them so I sat in the bathtub and watched Teal Swan videos on youtube and tried to put myself back to sleep.

This afternoon I am turning, what I see as the main song, into a duet to give it the life it needs. Im contemplating adding in some reharmonization and modulations for more effective reach..

Figuring out how to set up the sporadic sound flashes for the "Hell Sequences" is a big puzzle. Still haven't figure that out. Spent my time creating a pop song collage that ended up getting cut and kicking myself for not putting that time into the "Hell Sequences" now.

Still pushing to reach our indiegogo campaign goal and create a production schedule of tech week.

I am grateful for this learning curve but I will be happy to go back to being a composer and performer after this show and take a break from producing.

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