HUSK studio album in process #5

                                                        photos by Matthew Gregory Hollis

Other than one last song, I have all the tracks from the album, 

in very scratch form, 

up on my soundcloud now! This is mostly thanks to my brother, Robby, for believing in me and making the pilgrimage from the suburbs once a week to patiently record all these songs and smile and nod while I talk crazy and pee every hour.. I wish there was an explanation...dont have one...

I have been paying him in food (scraps from my fridge) and free metropolis drink cards that Ive accumulated from drinking....a lot....of coffee these last few months. Its less that I want caffeine and more that I love things that taste like earth/dirt. hot things. dirt things. acidic things. things that you can put cream in. All good.


Ok. So. Some of these are meandery as hell and have a lot of gibberish lyrics right now....but it feels good to just get them out there and listen/take notes compulsively and kick my ass to make these rewrites for a more polished album.

I thought I just wanted a trio but I keep hearing orchestration on some of these tracks! I hope I can snag some of my buddies and convince them that its okay to work for free for me because art.  Terrible terrible.

TANGENT 2: My friend and fellow composer, Dom, just sent me a text saying "HUSK= sexy desolation" haha! v. true DimmyDom. The world is ending and all anyone wants to do is get intimate.

ok so here's the link:

TANGENT 3: October has been weird. Im use to being crazy busy with many projects and..... well, Im in this weird place that I made...on purpose...a more reflective, quiet space to plan what comes next and its driving me crazy a little. I'm really restless. That is all.

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