HUSK in its final stages

photo by Matthew Gregory Hollis.


HUSK is in its final stages! Big thanks to Caleb Gray at Tribeca Flashpoint and to my brother Robert Littwin for engineering and mixing sessions with me these last few months. Additional big thanks and gooey love to my musicians Alex Atchley (drums), Matthew Coglianese (Bass) and Mallory Linehan (violin) for their incredible work in the studio and last but NOT least, Matthew Gregory Hollis for capturing in picture, the feeling and "it isness" the album in his incredible shots. (one of which is the photo in this post which I am considering for the album cover)

I am hoping to release this album on my birthday 3/11 so I can have a big party for all the things..... I want an excuse to have a Vietnamese food and karaoke party at this hole in the wall place near my house... #dreams

I am thinking of releasing the full album online in a "pay what you can" scenario. Not sure how that works yet but I am open to suggestions if you know better than me! (you probably do)

I also have three music videos created and edited and ready to go (just waiting on final audio mixes to release) envisioned and created by my Viennese friend and filmmaker Tina Radler. Very excited to share those soon as well!

I have lots of thoughts on what this album has meant to me to make. The thing that keeps coming to mind is that this is only the beginning.  I am almost hesitant to keep discussing my thoughts behind the work and just keep moving forward and making new songs...speaking of which...

I have already started on my second album tentatively titled "Wild Beast" which captures the movements of my internal beast. That extreme desire and wanting for something.... like animalistic craving...that really carnivorous human state that can never be satisfied just from the nature of those feelings and how they work.....That intense longing for something outside of your self that you want to consume and merge with but it cannot be given to you....

HUSK paved the way for WILD BEAST. Each album is a crystalized/fossilized moment of a violent stage in development/metamorphosis. It feels to me that HUSK is the first in a triptych of albums/works... Perhaps that is part of my hesitancy in discussing its it-isness in too much detail at this point. HUSK is somehow missing its two limbs which are coming together hard and fast! Songwriting has been fast and furious these last few months and it continues build momentum.

I am loving the explosion of creativity and support in my life right now and though times are emotionally challenging, I am feeling on top of the world and rich beyond measure thanks to my team.

Can't wait to share the finalized form of HUSK 


soon after, the scratch tracks of WILD BEAST.

In the mean time here is a drawing I commissioned from artist Aemi Kato, capturing the it-isness of WILD BEAST.


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