HUSK release

  Whoa. Big gratitude.

HUSK, my first album of original songs is out for the world today!

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I have been performing, writing, and recording for more than ten years, yet this is my debut album. HUSK is an intensely personal, post-apocalyptic emotional transformation, which closely mirrors the transformation/life cycle of a moth.

A. Ravenous Larvae:

       1.  Apocalyptic State of Mind

       2. Persistent Hum of Desire

       3. I'm Always Losing Myself (In Someone Else)

B. Cocoon:

        4. Find My Hand In The Dark

        5. Bombyx

        6. Desire, Desire, Desire

C. Bashing Against the Light Until Certain Death

         7. I'm Still In Love With You

         8. Your Inconvenient Love

         9. Maybe It's The End of Love

        10. Now That We're Not in Love

HUSK: (n) The hardened protective layers that shelter a gelatinous being for the duration of his/her metamorphosis.

              (adj) A quality of vocal production that is granulated, raw and worn from excessive misadventures.

MOTH: (n) Nature's most incredible metamorphosizer.

              (n) A winged, nocturnal messenger from the spirit world that navigates not by sight but by inner knowing.

I wrote these songs in a folk/country style to pay homage to my musical roots. Please enjoy as you partake in this shared journey.


All songs written by Hope Littwin.

Guitar, Vocals: Hope Littwin

Drums: Alex Atchley

Bass: Matthew Salvatore Coglianese

Violin: Mallory Linehan

Recorded by James Teitelbaum at Tribeca Flashpoint.

Overdubs and tracks 9 and 10 recorded by Caleb Gray

Mixed by Caleb Gray and Robert Littwin

Produced by: Hope and Robert Littwin


My Brother!

Many of you know my brother,

Robert Littwin

and have benefited from his enthusiasm, encouragement and support of Chicago's arts community. The world is undoubtedly a better place because of him and it is because of his support and encouragement that this album has become a reality. He has been the most patient, the most loyal and the most encouraging voice through this journey. I won the genealogical lottery by being born his little sister.

My Band!

Alex Atchley:

Devoted, inventive, attentive, always going the extra mile to make subtle shifts in arrangements to serve the music. Always introducing me to new artists and new possibilities

Matthew Coglianese:

A funky bassist with a heart of gold, a stand up human and musician who is always down to experiment and expand.

Mallory Linehan:

A goddess. An incredible violinist and artist that can style hop like no other. A sharp mind, always positive, and always playful

Caleb Gray:

Devoted engineer and trustworthy friend, dedicated a huge amount of time and expertise to making these tracks extra special. 

James Teitelbaum:

An incredibly encouraging voice and a stellar engineer with a heart of gold and a sharp ear who organized the studio time and made the space and equiptment resources possible. You are a true blue.

Tina Radler:

filmaker extraordinaire who reimagined these songs into film. My Viennese soul sister.

Matthew Gregory Hollis:

Photographer. Genius. Album cover artist. He makes it seem so easy.

My first guitar teacher

Scott Emmons

who gave me Joni Mitchell's entire library at my second lesson and encouraged me to start writing songs. A mentor and a friend for life.

Keith and Katy Morrison


Manuel Garrido Lecca

for letting me cut my teeth in the studio as a teen and being voices of encouragement.

My Parents

Helen Bordon, Nestor Bordon


Michael Littwin 

for their steadfast support and encouragement

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